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Office Location: My office is located in the Muirfield Square Office Center in Dublin, Ohio, a northwest suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Please see the directions and maps on this page for your assistance in locating my office.

Address: Kenneth R. Sechler
  Attorney at Law
  6135 Memorial Drive, Suite 105A
  Dublin, Ohio 43017-9014
Phone: 614-889-0234
Fax: 614-923-9006
Email: Ken Sechler
  Please Note: The transmission of an e-mail message to me does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send me confidential or privileged information until you speak with me and get authorization to send the information. Also, e-mail communication on the Internet may not be secure. Please see the Disclaimer page for more information.

Directions to Office: The Muirfield Square Office Center is located at the intersection of Muirfield Drive and Memorial Drive in Muirfield Village.

  Take I-270 to U.S. Route 33 and State Route 161 West - Marysville exit, exit 17B.
  Take Routes 33 and 161 1.0 mile to the Avery-Muirfield Drive exit.
  Take the Avery-Muirfield Drive North exit and turn right onto Avery-Muirfield Drive. Follow Muirfield Drive for 2.9 miles. At 0.7 mile the road name changes to Muirfield Drive, and Avery Road veers to the left.
  Turn left onto Memorial Drive, which is 0.8 mile past the large round about at the entrance into Muirfield Village.  The Muirfield Square Office Center is at the intersection of Muirfield Drive and Memorial Drive. Muirfield Square is on the left after turning onto Memorial Drive.
  Take the second entrance on the left (0.1 mile) to Muirfield Square to the 6135 Memorial Drive Building.
Map of Office Area:

Map of Office Area


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Map of Muirfield Square Office Center

Map of Muirfield Square




6135 Memorial Drive photo

6135 Memorial Drive

Dublin Events:


St. Patrick's Day


Memorial Golf Tournament


May 29-June 4

Independence Day


July 4

Irish Festival


August 4-5-6






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6135 Memorial Drive, Suite 105A
Dublin, Ohio 43017-9014
614 / 889-0234

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