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Dublin, Ohio

Practicing in the Areas of:
Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning
Probate and Administration of Decedent's Estates and Trusts
Real Estate / Real Property - Commercial and Residential
Small Business Planning and Representation
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Quality - Value - Experience


My goal as a lawyer is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable price, thereby providing a service of value to my clients.

I value simplicity, common sense, and cost-efficiency, but I also believe that it makes sense for a lawyer to perform a task correctly, applying the thought, time, and legal methods advisable under the circumstances to address the present matter and to avoid more costly and worrisome problems later.  Technology, experience, and organization are used to increase efficiency and to help make quality legal services available at a reasonable price.
Whether investing in real property or planning your estate to avoid expense and inconvenience for your family, it makes sense to obtain value, that is, quality at a reasonable cost.



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Kenneth R. Sechler
Dublin, Ohio
Lawyer -
Attorney at Law

Over 30 years practicing law in Dublin

Graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and of Ohio University

Past board member of The Dublin Fund of The Columbus Foundation and past board member of the Dublin Historical Society


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6135 Memorial Drive, Suite 105A
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614 / 889-0234

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