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  I help clients plan their estates and title their assets with the goal of minimizing expense, taxes, and inconvenience upon death.  When appropriate for their circumstances, I advise clients how they can avoid probate court administrations.  I counsel clients on what plans and documents are appropriate for their circumstances, and I draft Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Will Declarations, and Health Care Powers of Attorney to fit their plans. My services include advice on naming guardians for minor children and on naming executors and trustees.  For clients wishing to plan for pets, I offer advice on provisions that may be made for their pets.
    Wills Living Will Declarations
    Trusts Health Care Powers of Attorney
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Schedule of Assets Form - Word Format

  A listing of your assets may be of great assistance to your family and estate by reducing the effort and expense required to identify your assets. Also, the listing will permit us to determine whether your assets are titled in a way that is consistent with your estate planning goals, including minimizing expense and inconvenience.  This form does not need to be filled out prior to our initial office conference.  Because e-mail may not be secure, you may not want to transmit your completed asset list via the Internet.

Resources - Estate Planning - PDF Documents
  Ohio State Bar Association LawFacts Pamphlets - Adobe PDF Format
  Wills Revocable "Living" Trusts
  Financial Powers of Attorney Living Wills and Health Care Powers of Attorney
    Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders

Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software is needed to read these files, which are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Adobe Reader is free software for viewing and printing PDF files. To download Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site, click on the Adobe icon below.



Link Resources - Estate Planning - Other Web Sites
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Ohio Estate Tax:
Effective June 30, 2011, Ohio adopted a law that repeals the Ohio estate tax for estates of persons dying on or after
January 1, 2013.
Ohio Statutory Power of Attorney:
Effective March 29, 2006, Ohio law provides for a statutory power of attorney for financial matters. The law was amended effective March 22, 2012.
Your lawyer can give advice on what statutory provisions and what additional, non-statutory provisions should be included in your power of attorney.
Annual gift tax exclusion:
In 2013 the annual gift tax exclusion increased to $14,000, up from $13,000.
Transfer on Death Designations for Real Property:
Since 2000, Ohio law permits beneficiary designations to be added for real property in certain situations. This may be useful in avoiding probate, but using a transfer on death designation may not be as flexible as using a living trust.  In some situations, it may be preferable to allow the real property to pass by will in a probate court administration.

Your lawyer can give advice on what estate planning methods are appropriate for your situation.



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