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Commercial Real Estate

see the Commercial Real Estate page for more information about:

  Sales and Purchases of Commercial Real Property
  Like-Kind Exchanges - Defer Taxes
  Construction and Development - Builders, Developers, Design Professionals
  Condominium Associations - Documentation, Enforcement
  Homeowners Associations - Documentation, Enforcement
  Leasing - Office, Retail, Residential
Residential Real Estate - Buying or Selling a Home - Closings
  My practice includes the representation of buyers, sellers and owners of single-family residential real property, including condominiums. 
  see the Residential Real Estate page for:
  FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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New Community Authorities and Assessments:


Infrastructure improvements (such as roads and sewers) for new developments are being financed by assessments against real property that the homebuyer will have to pay for a term of years.  More and more, buyers of new and existing homes will need to determine whether the cost of improvements are included in the price of their new home, or whether they will be paying a sizable annual assessment to pay for the streets, sewers, or other improvements serving their new home. Just one possible problem a lawyer can identify and address.


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